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This 120 sqm apartment is located in a 1950 building that is part of a set of 302 Rent Controlled Housing in Alvalade. Throughout the last 60 years the apartment hasn't had any intervention, and although it was well preserved, the houses' finishes were outdated. Therefore, the hardwood floors previously hidden with carpets were restored, the interior and exterior wood work was reformulated and new finishes were introduced such as micro concrete and glass mosaics in the kitchen and bathroom.

In terms of layout it wasn't necessary a very deep change, instead we optimized the spaces through some surgical interventions. In the kitchen the niches and pantry were eliminated, increasing it's area and functionality with two full lenght set of cabinets. In the main bathroom and closet some walls were demolished in order to decompartmentalize the spaces allowing for a much more fluid usage. Part of the wall between the dining room and the old maids room was demolished to enlarge the spaces and allow for a future suite with the second toilet and balcony.


Location: Av. Roma, Lisbon
Project: 2010
Construction: 2011
Area: 123 m2
Client: Private
Status: Built
Architecture: Henrique Couvreur de Oliveira, Madalena Atouguia
Contractor: Atmosdecor, Lda.